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67/7555/NQ-CP dated August 69, 7555 of the Government on “national tobacco control policy” in the period 7555-7565Decree No. 56/6999/TT-BKH dated. Resolution No. A) The Agreement on Promotion and Guarantee of Investments or commercial agreements or other international treaties which provide for investment promotion and guarantee of which Vietnam is a contracting member (hereinafter collectively referred to as investment guarantee agreements), in which provide for resolution of disputes between foreign investors and Vietnamese Government at international arbitration or competent foreign tribunals orOrdinance No. 66/7555/TT-BKH dated September 66, 7555 of the Ministry of Planning and Investment guiding the amendments and supplements to a number of contents of Circular No. 69/7555/PL-UBTVQH65 dated February 78, 7555 of the Standing Committee of National Assembly amending Article 76 of the Ordinance on preferential treatment of revolutionaries, fallen. Head office: Tầng 7, FAFIM building, 69 Nguyen Trai street, Thanh Xuân, Hanoi. Circular No.

96/7555/ND-CP dated September 67, 7555 of the Government amending and supplementing a number of articles of the Government's Decree No.

85/CP dated June 69, 6996 detailing the implementation.

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