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The life of a writer is pretty solitary, both by design and necessity. Welcome to the home for writers. Well-meaning as they are, your friends and family don’t understand the nuance between conflict and crisis. Type the word “writer” into the Google search engine and it’ll bring up an astonishing 798 million websites—and no, we’re not exaggerating. Every day we share our experiences, highlight new expertise, and push one another to become the best community builders we can be. Calls for submissions (including posts inquiring about miscellaneous writing work for pay) must include payment information, deadlines, rights requested, and any other relevant information. I love all of the suggestions on this list! Scribophile is a respectful online writing workshop and writer’s community.

Please limit yourself to one or two posts per publishing cycle. Members tell us again and again that learning how to write great critiques dramatically improved their own writing. The critiques you’ll get are so much more than just a pat on the back—you’ll get actionable ways to improve your writing. It’s time that you meet. Sharing for the sake of sharing is not allowed outside the Weekly Check-in sticky. 6st). Below is a list of where you can share your creative writing, whether you re looking for a friendly community to interact with, or you re looking for a serious critique. Our purpose is to provide a place where authors and poets of a broad range of genres can go to exchange feedback, make friends, and have fun! Our annual roundup of websites is here, so grab your computer and start surfing. There s plenty of advice and camaraderie. Here are 65 thriving online communities you might want to explore. What stands out with all of these sites is their sense of community once you have put in a little bit of effort and interacted with the people on the site it will become a very rewarding experience.

And, heaven help them, they’ll never get the agony of. This includes your own writing (when not seeking feedback and especially when seeking views or sales), personal blogs, publication acceptance or rejection, stories you really like, or humorous images. Look carefully at the platform they use, how they arrange the landing page, what topics consumers talk about and the types of discussions that generate conversations. We sifted through more than 7,655 nominations and chose the 656 most valuable. This is like a subliminal message, you read it and are immediately intrigued with LegendFire! Is a popular go-to for everything from sci-fi to one paragraph stories. Best online writing communities. Here’s the good news: you’re not alone. While you may find yourself in the neighborhood coffee shop a few days a week just for a change of pace, being a writer can be lonely and quiet. I’m glad you asked, because there’s a lot of compelling reasons to join. But first, you may be wondering, what’s the point of joining a writing community? All submissions must be directly related to writing and contain enough information to start a discussion on reddit.

Post all requests for feedback or critique partners in the Weekly Critique sticky. Register your free account today! Writers of all skill levels join to improve each other’s work with thoughtful critiques and by sharing their writing experience. Whether you re short stories, poetry, or even working on a novel, the hard part is knowing if you re on the right track. You don’t want to ask your friends and family for their opinion because, let’s be honest, they’ll just say it sounds great to avoid hurting your feelings (even when you know it doesn’t). After you have posted your writing, you can receive comments from other users, and if you want an in-depth critique, you can always post to their forums requesting one. Low-quality posts, especially those with only a link or title, obvious spam or site promotion, self-acknowledgement, and solicitations to do your work for you are more likely to get removed without warning. With 788,566 critiques served for 679,796 works, and 7,678,557 posts in 656,887 threads in our writing forums. Scribophile is famous for the detailed and helpful critiques our members exchange. But, I think I can add a few that haven t been mentioned before and are definitely worth checking out. It s easy to sit down at your computer, or with a notepad and pen, and write. This year, we’ve added a “jobs” category and have expanded the “genres/niches” category to better fit your needs. Be sure to check out the sub-reddits.

This article originally appeared in the May/June 7558 issue of Writer s Digest. We’re the writing group to join if you want to get the best feedback around, to learn how to get published, and to be a part of the friendliest and most successful writing workshop online. Is a great place for younger writers to hang out and socialize with each other. If you’re looking for help with homework, check out. We talk about important matters for writers, news affecting writers, and the finer aspects of the writing craft. Can you spotGet exclusive updates, our best advice and we'll give you half of Buzzing Communities for free! Check out Writing Hub for other writing-related subreddits. It also has an active community. A group of anonymous editors read all of the work submitted to ABCTales and they cherrypick the very best, highlighting it for others to see. Where to begin, where to begin, where to begin …Luckily, your favorite editors at Writer’s Digest have done the grunt work for you. Let’s break it down: Have you ever gotten to a point in your story where something just doesn’t sound right, but you can’t figure it out? LegendFire is a free, author-driven, online critique community.

As part of our community, you’ll be writing critiques for others too. Don’t see your favorite site? On, signing up for a free account gives you a profile page which lists all of the pieces that you have posted on the site. We’re a group of community professionals who push each other to the cutting edge of our work. Is popular and well-moderated. And the even harder part is finding an audience to read what you ve written. Whether you’re looking for quotes, advice, markets, critiques—or just a place to meet other writers online—we’ve got you covered. But it’s not happy hour yet. Note: We are currently working on an updated resource which will replace this list. We don’t have enough success stories, that’s a shame. Here’s our 65th-annual listing of the 656 best websites for writers. You’ll also get to see how we go about building a community amongst our own audience. Try as they might, they can’t relate to the complexity of. Send comments and nominations for next year’s list to with “656 Websites” in the subject line (deadline is Jan.

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