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Please select a field of study to narrow in on a bachelor degree program that matches your interests. Some schools allow students majoring in a social science, like psychology, to choose between a B. If you know you would like a Bachelor of Science degree but unsure which concentration, don’t panic. Most undergraduate programs in the natural sciences or mathematics award Bachelor of Science degrees. Common natural science majors include physics, chemistry and biology. Bachelor of Science degrees vary in their requirement, nomenclature and duration depending on where they are earned. Can be earned are often more technical, although there are exceptions. Considered an undergrad degree, each program takes three to five years to complete.

While there is near universal consensus in the United States as to what subjects are sciences and which are arts, outside the US there are still exceptions. And Macmillan Holdings, LLC. S. We have listed below some of the best schools that offer online bachelor of science programs. A Bachelor of Science degree is usually more rigorous than a bachelor of arts, and the fields in which a B. The goal of a BFA program is for its graduates to go on to become professionals in the creative arts world. In 6865, the University of London became the first school to award the Bachelor of Science (BS) degree. ) degree. Com figures from the same time period. In contrast, Oxbridge and Russell Group universities almost always award BA degrees, even in subject areas that would be considered sciences in the United States. Vary widely according to subject matter studied.

There are several fields that are almost always considered to be sciences and thus award BS or BSc degrees. Natural sciences, however, are not the only fields that award a Bachelor of Science. A BA degree generally requires students to take fewer concentration courses and to focus more on exploring the liberal arts. Less frequently the BS designation is applied to professional studies in the areas of business, nursing, medicine, law, hospitality, or architecture. Com. Like the BS degree, the main difference between a BFA and a BA program is the tendency to focus more on their major concentration than on general studies. These students have a little more freedom when it comes to customizing their education to fulfill their career goals and aspirations.  The BFA is another vocational or professional degree. The listings below may include sponsored content but are popular choices among our users. The 8-5 year timeline of a bachelor s degree varies depending on a number of things including the location of the institution, institution requirements, area of bachelor s focus, student preference, and possible school or credit transfers.

You just got your degree, but how should you write it? The London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE), a public research university specializing in social sciences, applies the BSc designation to degrees earned in almost all subject areas, even those that would traditionally merit the BA designation stateside. These fields include biology, biochemistry, chemistry, physics, earth science, social science, general science, mathematics, sport/exercise science, computer science and almost all fields of engineering. This includes dancers, singers, actors, painters, and sculptors, just to name a few. According to Payscale. Certain career fields, such as nursing, will require a Bachelor of Science rather than a Bachelor of Arts degree for some job titles. Is similar to a B. This glossary of degree programs contains information about nearly every type of bachelor degree program offered in the United States. A list of bachelor degrees and the their specific majors and concentrations would be almost infinite. In spite of the name, a Bachelor of Science degree does not actually have to be in a scientific field.

The most common majors include English, Art, Theatre, Communications, Modern Languages and Music. Degrees available. In both the and, the BS or BSc degree typically takes four years to complete and is awarded for the completion of undergraduate studies in mathematics, engineering, computer science, physical sciences, economics, and related fields. Com, salaries for people who have a B. Bachelor of science degrees are usually related to technology, health sciences, and social sciences, but some business degrees can also fall into this category. In many cases, you can start your career directly after graduation, while other careers require or benefit from postgraduate education. Bachelor of Science programs prepare you for work in almost any field, depending on your major. Bachelor degree of science. Engineering, business and computer science are also among the fields that typically award a Bachelor of Science. For example, the University of Phoenix currently offers seven different online Bachelor of Science in Information Technology degrees with focuses on multimedia and visual communication, networking and telecommunications, business systems analysis, database administration, information systems security, software engineering, and web development.

And a Bachelor of Arts (B. However, what is considered a “science” or an “art” may vary from university to university. And if you do decide to switch concentrations, many of the classes can be applied toward your new degree of choice, especially if they are in the same field. Some prominent fields where a BS is the common entry-level degree are as follows: Each degree can have several sub-specialties and concentrations. Below we provide an in-depth look at the differences in BS and BSc degree programs and designations in the United States and. Electrical engineers earned a median of $76,655 a year, according to Payscale. Prior to this, nearly all bachelor’s degrees were awarded the Bachelor of Art (BA) designation, regardless of subject matter. , but requires fewer major classes and more general education classes. A. The first two years of study generally encompass basic courses and a major does not have to be declared or sought until the more specialized classes come. A Bachelor of Science Degree, most often abbreviated as a BS, BSc, or Bc Degree, is an undergraduate degree that typically takes three to five years to complete. A B. Curriculum, relevancy of sample programs, and outcomes will vary by school. For example, one university may award an economics degree with the designation BA while another might award it with a BS.

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