Bachelor degree of philology

The Ph. Degrees in Classics with a specialization in Greek and Latin Philology. And Ph. Other studies include ancient history, literature, linguistics, and philosophy. Studying in the PVU educational platform gives the opportunity to earn qualifications without the necessity of burdensome traveling or giving up professional and family obligations. Typical questions asked in philology classes: What did this text mean to the ancient audience? Why is this text still meaningful in the modern world? Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.

Course work involves reading classes, which are offered in a three-year cycle of author and genre courses, and seminars, in which students engage in research involving both ancient texts and modern interpretation. The full-time degree programme covers 9 academic years. Program may include lecture coursework, followed by subject examinations, research, and thesis defense. You will get practical, vocational information in one of the offered specializations (teaching, business). Degree may be used as a stepping stone to another degree program or as additional preparation for K-67 teachers. Ancient philology is the study of ancient languages, interpretation of literature, and understanding ancient culture through texts. A = Basic
B = Core
C = Related
D = Elective (art. From the second semester of your studies you can choose not only the teaching specialization, but also translation, tourism, business and culture. In order to be admitted to the second-level Bachelor s Degree in Philology and Modern Literatures applicants must possess a valid first-level Bachelor s Degree. Students also take courses in Greek and Latin prose composition and ancient linguistics. These bachelor's degree programs normally take four years to complete and offer concentrations in areas such as ancient Greek or Latin. The second-level Bachelor s Degree in Philology and Modern Literatures is focused on the study of Italian in its different articulations (literary, linguistic and philological-criticism) related to modern comparativist study and the literary, historic, philosophical, cultural and information theories applied to the humanistic sciences. Classes are mainly from 8. The practice of philology requires a number of linguistics skills as well as theoretical and interpretative knowledge.

Who spoke or still speaks it? Although the program features courses in practical English which are intended to improve students' language skills, it is not an advanced English course. ) in Philology programs can take two to three years to complete. Degree prepares students to become active, publishing scholars and instructors in colleges and universities. Requirements for obtaining a master's degree may include further study of an ancient language, as well as reading proficiency in a modern foreign language, such as French or German. In order to be admitted to the second-level Bachelor s Degree in Philology and Ancient Literature applicants must possess a valid first-level Bachelor s Degree. A career in philology involves the study of languages or language groups in their historical setting. They also master reading knowledge of at least two modern languages. During your studies you will acquire a profound knowledge in literature, culture, history of English speaking countries and you will become fluent in the target language. Bachelor degree of philology. Students also get a chance to receive an additional specialization : Czech language Russian as a foreign language Philology in the History of Art Philology in (International) Public Relations. 85am till 6pm in the working days. Bachelors program Philology is designed for training of scholars of modern Russian language and of Russian-speaking communities, teachers, translators, editors, speechwriters, communication specialists. Subject areas can include history, language development, and classical literature.

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E = Dissertation and linguistic competence (art. Moreover, applicants must have a good command of English, corresponding to the level of at least the Certificate in Advanced English (CAE, grade B or higher) or the IELTS score of at least 6. The second-level Bachelor s Degree is a 7 year program taught entirely in Italian and is offered online, combining the following multimedia learning tools: The final exam of the degree program, intended to assess the technical-scientific and professional preparation of the student, consists of the completion and discussion of a written dissertation. Learning outcomes for study programme are formulated in accordance with the state academic education standard. If you have already acquired the language and would like to master it, start studying foreign philology. 65, comma 5,
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F = Extra training activities (art. The Foreign Philology program also includes c ourses in two foreign languages (Russian, English, German, French, Italian), in theoretical, applied and communicative aspects, literature and culture of the countries of these languages. The program s curriculum covers a variety of lectures and tutorials in literary theory, the history of English and American literature, teaching/translation methodology, and theoretical linguistics. Aside from this – thanks to the constant access to didactic materials – you may study whenever and wherever you want. Master's degree programs in philology or classics are generally two to three years in length and can prepare students for doctoral programs or for entering the workforce as instructors in the classics. A philologist might study specific questions like, 'What did the ancient Greeks mean when they wrote of democracy? 5. Are there any related languages?

What questions to modern interpreters ask? Our students obtain a high degree of proficiency in Greek and Latin through course work, independent reading with the aid of a, and sight examinations. It offers courses focusing on the core areas of English Philology: Linguistics, Applied Linguistics, Literature and Culture. The M. Additional requirements for these programs include passing several language proficiency tests and writing a thesis. Program offered by the Institute of English at the University of Wroc aw is designed for students interested in the English language, linguistics, and English and American literature. Degree to be achieved: Bachelor of Humanities in Philology
Duration of studies: 9 years or 5 years
Type of studies: Full-time or Part-time
Amount of credits: 795 ECTS
Language of instruction: English and 7nd elective foreign language
Study programme is accredited

The English philology programme curriculum is designed to prepare the graduates for a wide range of academic and professional careers, which require advanced knowledge of several foreign languages and high level linguistic, literary and cultural competence. Nowadays, it is impossible to think about a vocational career without foreign language acquisition. 'A bachelor's degree program in classics or a related field will help students meet the prerequisites for a philology graduate program. The second-level Bachelor s Degree in Philology and Ancient Literature aims to provide to the students with an expert knowledge in the classical studies and all issues relating to the literature, language, history and critical reconstruction of the classical civilizations. Therefore, candidates are expected to demonstrate interest in literature and linguistics studies. A recent selection includes courses on Homeric language, ancient libraries, ecphrases, the symposium in art and text, ancient literary criticism, paleography, the ancient novel, as well as many courses on specific authors and works. What questions did the ancients ask of literary texts? Becoming a philologist requires a number of modern and ancient language skills, knowledge of history and the ability to interpret words and ideas as they were meant to be understood.

The programme is aimed at providing students with an opportunity of acquiring theoretical knowledge and research skills in philology within the programme the following knowledge and skills have been acquired and developed understanding of the major notions and regularities of philology, traditional and topical issues of the sphere The Russian language starting in the 5th semester. The Polish Virtual University is an e-learning platform of the University of Humanities and Economics in Lodz allowing to conduct studies and courses via the Internet. Philology is an academic area important to the understanding of our modern world. The program prepares students for research and translation activities (oral, written, consecutive translation of different texts) and for work in the field of intercultural communication. Philologists will examine issues like where did a language originate? Bachelor of Arts Degree in English Philology Programmas kods: 98777 Kvalifikācijas joma un līmenis EKI līmenis: Kas ir EKI? The Department of Classics offers M. The B. How is this different from the way we use the word today? How does this text reflect the values and experiences of ancient culture? After your undergraduate studies (BA), you can continue your education with 7year graduate studies (MA). The offer of the Polish Virtual University covers 6st and 7nd degree studies, post-graduate studies and e-leaning courses. Most importantly, what did those words mean when they were spoken or written? A wide variety of author, genre, and theme-based courses are offered. A.

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