Bachelor degree of nursing

If you ve already achieved  status through an associate s degree program, enrolling in an   program is the next logical step if you re looking for career advancement. In addition to this, holding a BSN puts you one step closer to a master s degree or doctorate if you decide you want to become an advanced practice nurse. It makes you employable in a growing sector with high job security. To become a registered nurse, you need to complete a 8-year Bachelor of Nursing or equivalent degree. Australian universities allow you to do this through a combination of distance learning, residential schools and clinical placements. Why study nursing online? Most of the classes in a BSN program are grounded in the biological sciences and liberal arts. On top of that, already having achieved RN status means obtaining your BSN will take less time—and still have a great payoff.

These programs include both lecture-based classes and hands-on clinical components. If you re already working as an RN, you have a great edge on achieving a BSN.  An online nursing degree prepares you for healthcare service. Completion of the BSN program provides graduates with the skills and knowledge needed to take the required national RN licensing exam. , RNs with BSNs are in high demand and can benefit from good . Nurses are the backbone of healthcare – they're resourceful and compassionate, and they save lives every day.

Candidates usually need to have a minimum grade point average and have completed specified classes with a C or better. While you can work as an RN with an associate s degree, nurses with a BSN are typically given more responsibility, supervisory roles and higher salaries. With the nursing shortage in the U. The courses lead to registration, endorsement and notation of applicants for registration as an enrolled nurse (EN), registered nurse (RN) or midwife. Studying externally lets you gain a valuable degree with minimal time away from work or family. If you are looking for an important and in-demand career where you make a difference, nursing might just be for you.

Today, many hospitals offer tuition reimbursement programs. This means if you work as a nurse and want to advance your education, your workplace might help you pay for it. The highest-paying states were California, Hawaii, Massachusetts, Alaska and Oregon. The Doctor of Nursing Practice is the highest professional degree level for nursing. States with the highest employment levels were California, Texas, New York, Florida and Pennsylvania. Some schools accept first-year college students with a high school education into a BSN program. According to the U.

If you envision yourself working in health care for the long term, earning a BSN can be a strategic move. Bachelor degree of nursing. S. The Nursing and Midwifery Board of Australia lists all approved programs of study ( ). Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), registered nursing positions were expected to grow 66% during 7569-7579. A BSN program, which typically takes four years, will include both liberal arts courses which fulfill general education requirements and classes specific to your major in nursing.

Typical classes include these: As advances in healthcare continue to develop, so does the need for nurses. Others require students to complete lower-level, or core curriculum, classes before applying to the program. A bachelor of science in nursing (BSN) degree prepares you for a job as a registered nurse. Master's and doctoral degrees in nursing can lead to advanced positions in nursing such as clinical nurse specialists, nurse anesthetists, nurse-midwives and nurse practitioners. Nursing is a fulfilling and demanding profession requiring intellectual and ethical knowledge, skills, compassion and stamina. The good news is an RN-BSN program can be completed while you continue working as a nurse, which means you ll advance your career without having to take time off.

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