Bachelor degree of economics

What are some of the jobs that I will be will be suitable for? With the global market becoming more interconnected, the demand for economics professionals continues to grow. The programme will give you the theoretical tools and analytical skills needed to address complex issues. Job options in the journalism field can include business writer or editor, freelance writer, economic affairs specialist and business journalistEconomics graduates also might find employment in the education field. Bachelor of Economics degrees focus on topics of study such as international trade and finance, economics and public policy, natural resources and the environment, and research. Extensions into other specializations such as international business, communication, accounting and finance, public administration and management studies are also possible in Bachelor of Economics programs based in the Netherlands. ” Bureau of Labor Statistics notes that the federal government has entry-level positions available to individuals with a bachelor's degree in economics.

The courses in the propaedeutic phase serve as the foundation for the remainder of the programme. During the first year - the foundation year - all students take the same course units. With these models, you will be able to compute the unemployment rates of a country, the Gross National Product, the stock price of a company or the future exchange rate of the Euro. A Bachelor of Economics degree will examine economics on macro and micro scales, so whether students are interested in consumption behavior of households, or the global market, students will gain a fundamental understanding of economics. A bachelor's degree program provides graduates with a broad basis for understanding business and the national and world economies. A bachelor's degree in economics can lead to entry-level business careers in small business, large companies, banks or financial services firms. Recent graduates might consider starting as interns to gain experience before being hired. During the Double Degree BSc7 Economics/Econometrics programme you will for example address issues like: The double degree BSc² in Econometrics and Economics programme will bring you: “By switching to BSc² I not only satisfied my thirst for knowledge and challenges, it allowed me to become a better econometrician. A: The coursework taught in Economics Bachelors Programs mainly include courses like economic theory, micro and macroeconomics, statistics, taxation, international business and mathematics. In year two, you will either specialize in Business Economics, Economics or International Economics and Business.

Q: What are the contents of the course on Business Law in the Bachelors in Economics? Offered by internationally accredited universities and institutions in a number of cities in the Netherlands, such as Amsterdam, Groningen, Maastricht or the Hague, a Bachelor of Economics will also provide a global perspective on our modern global economy. Bachelor of Economics students will expand their knowledge of the foundational theories of economics, like supply and demand, opportunity theory, utility and rational choice theory, and also the various professional applications of those concepts. Then the Double Degree BSc7 Economics/Econometrics programme is for you. Are original thoughts your forte? Concepts for applied dynamic models for the analysis of economic processes, like those developed by Dutch Nobel Prize laureate Jan Tinbergen, may be part of compulsory courses in a Bachelor of Economics program. Some business job options include bank teller, budget analyst, market analyst, sales intern and insurance agent. If you are interested in learning how you can embark on a rewarding career in economics, then click below to read more about Bachelor of Economics programs in the Netherlands. The study of Economics examines the production, allocation, and consumption of resources, how markets function, and consumer behavior.

There are many Bachelor of Economics options to choose from to fit your needs so take a look below and find the right one for you! S. This programme provides you with an understanding of how economics works, and gives you access to methods for analysing economic problems and calculating their solutions. The economics professionals can work as research specialists, finance managers and personal finance consultants. Q: Reading about the scope of Bachelor Degree in Economics got me thinking about jobs. While journalists typically need a degree related to English or journalism, there is a need for economists who can clearly express economic terms and theories to the public. It allows you to focus on conceptual issues like inflation, profit and turnover as well as quantitative issues like risk, forecasts, uncertainty, probability and scenario. This program can be completed through campus based or online programs offered by accredited universities like Strayer University and Grand Canyon University. This has even further increased after the recent credit crunch the whole world has faced.

Do you have what it takes to take on two programmes at once? A Bachelor of Economics may be the degree waiting for you. This typically involves completing education courses and in-school training in addition to holding a bachelor's degree. NHTV offers two international programmes in the field of logistics. To work as a high school economics teacher, a graduate needs to be licensed by the state in which they'll work. In the heart of Rotterdam, where business, industry, logistics and culture come together, Erasmus School of Economics offers you a unique opportunity to acquire both an insightful economic rational and practical quantitative econometrical skills in only four years. Economics majors can work in government agencies as economists, research assistants and analysts. Graduates of Bachelor of Economics programs can go on to entry level positions in educational institutions, financial institutions, international organizations, private sector corporations, or government, to name a few options. Bachelor degree of economics.

This English-taught professional bachelor's programme prepares you for a career in the international logistics industry. Graduates can use this knowledge for careers in business, government, education, journalism and international affairs, to name a few. A: With every passing day the scope of Bachelor in Economics is increasing. Do you have an above-average interest in economic developments, social issues and solving mathematical problems? You will take courses in Modelling, Statistics, Mathematics, Economics, Finance, Marketing and English. Knowledge and expertise in the field of economics can be helpful for careers in almost every industry. In the economic programme is more emphasis on Marketing and Sales Management. Typically these courses are taught in bachelor and master's degree programs. You can take up these courses at campus based and online schools in accordance with your convenience. The U. You will learn how business experts and policy makers attempt to stimulate both corporate and economic activity. A: The Bachelor of Economics is a 9 years long program.  Are you as ambitious as you are inquisitive? Full time courses typically last for three to four years and will prepare students for work or further study through first-hand analytical experience in high-level research projects, intercultural team projects and real-life case studies.

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