Bachelor degree of computer science

While no bachelor's degree program may guarantee a particular career or salary, popular and high-ranking jobs in the IT computer industry usually require them. If you\'re a current UMUC student, please visit the. All in all, getting an online bachelor IT degree just makes sense for anyone who has a strong passion for technology. Love the thought of coding software? When you earn your Computer Information Systems degree from DeVry University, you can: Learn more about earning a bachelor's degree in Computer Information Systems from DeVry. Graduates with a Bachelor of Computer Science may work for universities, in the private sector doing projects such as virtual reality systems and robotics, or development of information technology, programming tools or computer games. And Macmillan Holdings, LLC. While this might seem daunting at first, we highly suggest that you reduce your stress, cost, and time by enrolling in an online university.

A wide variety of careers and highly competitive salaries make this a no-brainer for those who love computers and other forms of technology. Add a degree and valuable certifications to the IT experience you already have. We offer you the flexibility to take classes on campus and online—at every degree program level. See how you can earn your degree on your time. Bachelor degree of computer science. As a result of WGU’s competency-based approach, you won’t have to spend unnecessary time studying the concepts you already know. A degree in Computer Information Systems (CIS) might be right for you. Take the step and choose from the options below! Fascinated by technology? B. The reason behind this is certainly very obvious, given how much technology is becoming increasingly necessary in contemporary society.

Indeed, you may customize your IT career to suit your passion. These program requirements are for students who enroll in the 7567–7568 academic year. Your courses will include data structures and analysis, computer systems and architecture, image and signal processing, and more. People who look at the plethora of jobs available may notice that virtually all IT jobs have one thing in common - they all may require a bachelor's degree or higher. In the online bachelor's program in computer science, you'll learn programming, algorithm optimization and enhancement, and the theory, science, and math behind modern computing. Looking to play a role in business success, while doing what you love? S. Request more information. Enroll in programming or computer science. IT and related fields have been the fastest growing fields for quite a while.

IT fields present tremendously fast-paced and rewarding opportunities for many individuals. Health Information Management (from the College of Health Professions)B. In 9 years time, you will become a visual artist, programmer, designer, producer of AAA Games or indie game developer. With a Bachelor of Computer Science degree, students will understand the program properties for implementing software, and using this knowledge to create or improve programs. Coursework for a Bachelor of Computer Science may include computer hardware maintenance, artificial intelligence, real time programming, computer graphics, system modeling and simulation, to name a few. Receiving an online bachelor IT degree may significantly reduce many of the headaches that are associated with getting a degree at a traditional university. Business—Information Technology Management (from the College of Business)Whether you’re an IT professional who needs a bachelor’s degree to move up the ladder or an experienced manager pursuing greater IT knowledge, WGU's online IT bachelor’s degree programs are for you. You’ve got the experience and possibly some certifications now you need the degree. Ambitious, practical and highly skilledAfter your graduation in Breda, you create the magic of new games as an ambitious, practical and highly skilled game developer! Will have to double its amount of science and technology graduates by coming years in order to remain globally competitive. All you have to do is prove you know the material through carefully designed assessments under the guidance of a dedicated mentor. The costs may be lower due to less overhead, online bachelor degrees may take less time than a four year bachelor's, and the best part is that you may work while you earn your degree.

Complete this form to have an admissions counselor contact you. If you are mathematically oriented and are interested in computers, then a Bachelor of Computer Science may be the degree for you. Specifically, you will learn about Java, C++, OpenGL, Octave, and MATLAB. Your experience is a valuable asset at WGU. For prior year academic requirements, visit the catalog archive in the Current Students section. All students enrolled in site-based programs will be required to take some coursework online and, for some programs and locations, a substantial portion of the program may be required to be completed online. This may reduce or eliminate the necessity to take federal aid or personal debt to finance your education, thus allowing you to focus on your studies and not your finances. Computer Science is the field of study that focuses on the application of information and computation to computer systems. There are several subfields of computer science that include computer graphics, language programming, computational problems, and computer programming. Try IT management or information systems. And, of course, being able to pursue your bachelor's degree online from the comfort of your own home certainly makes the prospect of any of these careers all that more alluring. Your browser is out of date, and this website does not support Internet Explorer 8. Combine your love of technology with the possibility of a stable career by pursuing a bachelor's degree in information technology or computer science.

Your browser may not display all features of this and other websites. With a Bachelor of Science in computer science from University of Maryland University College, you'll be able to plan, design, and optimize computer software and hardware systems for commercial and government environments. Network systems management, data communications analysis and computer software engineering are among the fastest-growing occupations in the U. To illustrate this point, it is expected that the U. , according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Whether you're interested in Cyber Security, Software Development or Web Game Programming, a degree with an emphasis on hands-on learning can prepare you with the technical skills you need for your future. . To complete your degree, you must demonstrate you understand and can perform the necessary skills and knowledge the IT industry demands. You just got your degree, but how should you write it? Enjoy the prospect of configuring servers and solving problems? This programme is taught in English and prepares you for a career in the games industry. A Bachelor of Computer Science prepares students for work in the industry as a researcher, theorist, or inventor.

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