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At uni though this can be difficult as your bedroom is self contained. There are many pubs in Ormskirk that have beer gardens with large tables where you could join together to work and socialise simultaneously. It is often suggested that studying where you sleep is not the best for your progression (as well as the fact that the temption to crawl back into bed can sometimes be just too much). Obviously this is not appropriate if something is urgent but if you have an ongoing project you should find a way to keep it with you at all times and that way you can build on it and turn wherever you are into a working area or a working moment to save you forgetting and having to clear a space at a later date. It might sound ridiculous but many people put off social events whilst studying but I don t see why the two can t be combined. The university is blessed with acres of green space so you d likely be able to get on with your work without being disturbed. A benefit to this is that on campus the wifi generally covers the whole area so you can stay connected whilst you are outside. Some people however may choose to get outside to get away from technology, staring at a screen whilst working can become tedious so taking some physical books or articles outside with you can give your eyes a rest and expand your sources.

Finally don t be afraid to take work out and about with you. User6: That s pretty funny. Away from keyboard перевод.

When people think about where they are going to study there is often a misconception that you need to be tucked up behind a desk in the dark and silence with no distractions. Another good place that this can be done are local coffee shops such as Starbucks or Costa they have free Wifi and sockets so you can stay online. Below is an example of how this would be used.

Although this may work for some people I think that branching out and finding new places to study can bring not only a sense of well-being but really boost what you can achieve.
User7: Heh yeah, AFK.
User6: Ok.

User7: Ok I m back. At the this time of year I would highly suggest making the most of your outdoor surroundings. There have often been times when I wished that I had something with me as I have had an idea or an unexpected window of time.

For Away From Keyboard, AFK is a way to let others know in chat and games that they are away from the and will not respond to any talking or action.
User6: WB
User7: Thx
Note: Some people prefer the term AFK instead of because they consider the Internet as real as the real life. For many this is a stressful and testing time what with deadlines, exams and placements. To begin with maybe try moving into the kitchen I find that dedicating an area away from your bedroom to working helps put you in the right frame of mind and can help me to achieve more. Rather than staying away from the pub or not going to a meal you could use it as an opportunity to get together with others to study and do something you enjoy at the same time.

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