Argumentative essay on everyday use by alice walker

She also sympathizes with Maggie since she was burned severely. For example, in college you may be asked to write a paper from the opposing point of view. Does access to condoms lead to irresponsible, dangerous, or bad behavior? Dee is a daughter and the oldest. She is entitled to half of everything her mother has. Why does Dee deserve some of the quilts? Dee did ask for the quilts. The best topic is one that you truly care about, and one that you re prepared to research.

Argumentative essay on everyday use by alice walker. Why does Maggie deserve all of the quilts. You ll have to back up (whichever side you choose) with lots of evidence and support. Researching a different point of view is how students broaden their perspectives. If so, why. Note:   If these topics are a little too controversial, try.

She is an heir to her mother's properties. She would take pride in the heirloom. Then you would have to prove whether or not Dee has a right to the quilts. The subject you choose should not necessarily be one that you are familiar with or one that you are in full agreement with. Dee is interested in the quilts. The mother desires for the quilts to be used.

She cares only about herself. She grew up in the same house as Maggie. This could be your argument.  Is the mother wrong in giving them all to Maggie. (Find Sources)78. Also, Maggie is more dependent on her mother.

Does Dee have a right to the quilts? Dee is egocentric. She would use them to adorn her house. After all, the story is about everyday use. Looking for a topic you can really sink your teeth into? She would never use the quilts.

Maggie would. Perhaps Dee would not appreciate them the way Maggie would. (These are suggestions)Does Maggie have a right to all of the quilts? She is an heir to her mother's. . Do colleges put too much stock in standardized test scores? Dee can make it own her on without the quilts: Would you argue that Dee should get some of the quilts? 9. She would not wear them out.

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