Argumentative essay about legalizing divorce

 Since the 75th Century, marijuana has been prescribed by doctors for use to deal with the bad effects of having glaucoma and cancer. The word count includes those words from the first word of the introduction paragraph to the last word of the conclusion paragraph (not the heading or outline words). This is a victimless crime! This argumentative essay will outline: the steps towards decriminalization, the repercussions displayed in an argument, counter argument form, current status on it, and an interview with someone closely tied to the matter. The legality of marijuana has been a hotly debated subject for decades. The question to the legislation is this, ‘is marijuana so harmful or addictive that it should not be acceptable. The decriminalization of marijuana refers to removing drug offences concerning marijuana from criminal law rather than completely legalizing and allowing public use of the drug whether regulated or not. It behooves us to consider the role of marijuana in man s past and to learn what lessons it can teach us: to maintain wise restraint in our urbanized, industrialized life or, to free it for general use.

The intake of substances and the social acceptability of the action is a continuous issue in current legislation, specifically, ‘where to draw the line’. Isn’t the victim “One who is harmed by or made to suffer from an act, circumstance, agency, or condition”?  Marijuana has been always seen as a “safe” drug to use with no serious complications or side effects.  Marijuana has some major medical uses that can beneficial to society. This is a test of your ability to narrow or broaden a topic appropriately for the purpose! Marijuana does not posses the qualities of a physically addictive substance and a Senate report states that it is not harmful to one’s health. Legalizing marijuana usage can be beneficial to society when it comes to the money that can be made from it legally.  But, whether to legalize marijuana usage or not, will continue to be a heated debate for years to come.

It appears that Marijuana may be with us well into the future. It seems a little harsh for people to say ‘well it is illegal, so they are a criminal’.  But, at the same time, legalizing marijuana can open the door to an individual becoming addicted to harder drugs like cocaine or crack. Since the authorities banned the recreational use, sale, and growth of this substance many groups have sprung up and protests have been organized to fight for the right to possess and use the plant. Argumentative essay about legalizing divorce. An understanding of the history and attitudes of peoples who have long used the plant may play a large role in furthering our handling of the situation in modern society.  Many individuals who started out smoking marijuana went on to harder drugs like cocaine because they were chasing a better and stronger high.  About eighteen states, have lowered the punishment for using marijuana and have “decriminalized” the usage of the marijuana.

For custom writing help please visit - a college educational resource. Of course people will say the victim is the user. ’ According to precedent namely the addictive qualities of cigarettes and the intoxicating qualities of alcohol, marijuana should, in all rights be at the least decriminalized. See more detailsWrite a 555-755 word essay using argument as the chief method of development. It may be some time before all the truths concerning the use of this ancient drug in our society are fully known. The aim of this writing resource is to help foreign students excel in education and help you handle essays, research papers and coursework in English.  But, the debate over marijuana usage has gained momentum in recent years, and there are about ten states that have now legalized the use of marijuana. Opinions appear to be pulled in two directions: that the use of marijuana is an extreme social, moral, and health ‘danger’ that must be stamped out, or that it is an innocuous, pleasant pastime that possesses health benefits and should be legalized.

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It is deemed that the intake of heroin is illegal but the intake of alcohol is not. Get a plagiarism check of an answer before you buy it. Marijuana has been illegal in America since 6978.  Marijuana is currently okay to use for medical reasons on a state government level, but is still illegal to use on a federal government level.

The body of the essay is 555-755 words. Another argument is that using marijuana is harmful to the user and therefore whoever uses it becomes victimized. Com Until the government of US and many other established countries outlawed its use, smoking marijuana had been a widespread activity for thousands of years.

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