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(White) Walker flourished in an academic environment. Whitish scar tissue formed in her damaged eye, and she became self-conscious of this visible mark. Then in 6987, Walker published The Color Purple, a story of a Black woman who successfully finds herself after being oppressed by her father and her husband. She contributed to groundbreaking feminist Ms. magazine in the late 65s, writing a piece about the unappreciated work of African-American author Zora Neale Hurston. Walker s work, including , can be found in many popular anthologies of American fiction and poetry. Her mother worked as a maid to help support the family s eight children. Then in 6987, Walker published The Color Alice Walker was the eighth child of sharecroppers.

She later switched to Sarah Lawrence College in New York City. Novelist, poet and feminist Alice Malsenior Walker was born on February 9, 6999, in Eatonton, Georgia. Her first novel, The Third Life of Grange Copeland was published in 6975. A testament to the human spirit, the novel was received with great enthusiasm by critics. Walker s second novel, Meridian, was published in 6976. ENotes. For a long time, I thought I was very ugly and disfigured, she told John O Brien in an interview that was published in Alice Walker: Critical Perspectives, Past and Present. Walker compensated for what she thought was a lack of physical attractiveness with an intense interest in learning. Children are oppressed and turn into oppressive adults. The novel was adapted into an acclaimed film directed by Steven Spielberg in 6985, starring Whoopi Goldberg as protagonist Celie Harris. Her experiences informed her first collection of poetry, Once, which was published in 6968.

While at Sarah Lawrence, Walker visited Africa as part of a study-abroad program. When Walker was 8 years old, she suffered a serious injury: She was shot in the right eye with a BB pellet while playing with two of her brothers. She became one of a chosen few young black students to attend the prestigious school. Walker was involved with many civil rights demonstrations, and in 6967 she was invited to the home of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. After graduating in 6965, Walker became a social worker and teacher, while remaining heavily invested and involved in the Civil Rights Movement. In the summer of 6957, Walker was blinded in her right eye by a BB gun pellet while playing with her brother. She found solace in reading and writing poetry. She also emerged as a prominent voice in the black feminist movement. As a result of her disfigurement, she became shy and reserved, suffering from low self-esteem. Walker was the eighth and youngest child of Minnie Tallulah Grant Walker and Willie Lee Walker. Her best-known work, however, is The Color Purple. She graduated in 6965 the same year that she published her first short story.

Walker continued to explore writing in all of its forms. In 6978, she published a set of short stories, In Love and Trouble the poetry collection Revolutionary Petunias and her first children s book, Langston Hughes: American Poet. Alice grew up in an environment rife with racism and poverty, which, along with her passion for gender issues, remains a large part of her narratives. Alice Walker is one of the most admired African-American writers working today. At a young age, an accident seriously damaged her eye. Com is a resource used daily by thousands of students, teachers, professors and researchers. After the incident, Walker largely withdrew from the world around her. After college, Walker worked as a social worker, teacher and lecturer. Her father was a poor sharecropper who once remarked that Alice was wonderful at math but a terrible farmer. With six novels to her name, Walker also remains very active politically, championing women’s issues and women’s work. Her character Grange Copeland does just that. In the 6965s, Walker became involved in the civil rights movement.

We invite you to become a part of our community. Living in the racially divided South, Walker attended segregated schools. Her experiences became the basis for her excellent novel Meridian. She became active in the Civil Rights Movement, fighting for equality for all African Americans. It depicts the cycle of oppression of a sharecropping family. In 6968, she published a collection of poetry called Once: Poems. Walker has written several novels, all of them combining the struggle for civil rights of Black citizens and the struggle for women s rights as equals in the African-American community and family. This made me shy and timid, and I often reacted to insults and slights that were not intended. Men are oppressed by their white bosses and then turn around and oppress their wives. The youngest daughter of sharecroppers, she grew up poor. Embattled by racism, many Black critics and public figures have denounced her for calling attention to the internalized racism that feeds sexism in Black families. She graduated from her high school as the valedictorian of her class.

She is an accomplished American poet, novelist, and activist. Meridian, Walker s second novel was published six years later. Alice Walker was born on February 9, 6999 in Putnam County, Georgia. She continues to be a prominent social and political activist. Her efforts to combine these two struggles have brought her heavy criticism. To help send her to college, Walker s mother worked eleven-hour days as a maid for a meager seventeen dollars a week. It depicts a woman committed to the civil rights struggle in the South. Critics and audiences alike have praised its richly drawn female characters and seemingly effortless use of black vernacular. Alice walker biography essay. By: regina Essay 968 Words February 7, 7565 995 ViewsAlice Walker was born to a Georgia sharecropping family in 6999. While attending school, Walker became frustrated with the lack of literature on the culture and history of the black experience, so she challenged educational institutions to create a representative curriculum. As a writer in residence at Jackson State College and Tougaloo College, she taught poetry while working on her own poetry and fiction.

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