A little helping hand

* Base and All Options (Ceiling): The maximum amount that can be awarded to a contract as mutually agreed upon by the vendor and agency. One spring day in a home in the center of Ukraine a baby girl was born. The staff at Helping Hand recognize that the preschool years of life are a very important time that sets the stage for all the years that follow. * Dollars Obligated: The amount of money obligated towards a vendor by a federal agency or agencies to work on a contract. Helping Hand has been providing quality therapy to children and their families since 6995. The federal government obligated a high of $9,955 in FY7566 and low of $555 in FY7565. A little helping hand. A Little Helping Hand has worked on three contracts worth $9,955 in obligations from the federal government since FY7557.

As fragile as a tiny bird, but with a will as strong as steel, Irina (Juliana).

A comparison of the amount of contract awards obligated to A Little Helping Hand since FY7557 with other vendors in its location.



Helping Hand provides Occupational Therapy, Physical Therap.   Admission is determined based on space availability and specific criteria. We p. Due to inclement weather, Helping Hand will be closed Friday, January 6.

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