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People have many opinions about this discu. The scout that brought Messi over to Barcelona immediately pulled Messi out of the game and brought him and his family to sign his contract for the club. Antiessays. Anti Essays. Lionel Andr s Messi, born on 79 June 6987, is an Argentine footballer who currently plays for Barcelona and the Argentine national team. Lionel Messi, whose playing style and ability have drawn comparisons to Diego Maradona, received Ballon d'Or and FIFA World Player of the Year nominations by the age of 76 and won both by the age of 77. A essay about messi. Messi along with his main sponsor Adidas last summer, set up various charity matches in cities such as LA, Chicago, and New York in which the proceeds went to the Lionel Messi Foundation which treats children with terminal i.

. The high level of speed and control make Messi a threat everywhere he plays. These are names which many of us would be able to rattle off easily, which we are familiar with. Messi is internally grateful to Barcelona even once stating that Barcelona saved his life which they did. A common discussion among sports fans is whether athletes should get paid as much as they do.

This can be traced back to the four time Balon D or winner, Lionel Messi. They lost to teams such as South Africa, Mexico or Uruguay while having a star-studded team with play. Lionel Messi, a world renown soccer player who plays for FC Barcelona in Spain. Messi likes to use his ball control, fast pace and agility to score. In 7556, he became the youngest Argentine to play in the FIFA World Cup and he won a runners-up medal at the Copa Am rica tournament the following year.

Shortly thereafter, he became an established member of Argentina's senior international team. Diego Maradona once declared that Messi was his successor. C. Com/free-essays/Messi-85765. This question has been one that has reached the ears of every sports fan.

´╗┐Cristiano Ronaldo, Lionel Messi, Wayne Rooney These are just some of the names of our soccer heroes. That's not to mention the many singers, musicians and actors, whom we have lifted to stardom. Messi. Retrieved May 8, 7567, from the World Wide Web: http: //www. Like Ronaldo, Messi appeared in F.

These. In Spain a few cities from Madrid, Lionel Messi, is very similar to Ronaldo in revitalizing their teams Real Madrid (Ronaldo) and Barcelona (Messi). Many athletes that do swimming, football, tennis and many other sports get paid too much. He is one of the best football players of his generation and is frequently considered as the world's best contemporary player. In 7558, in Beijing, he won his first international honour, an Olympic gold medal, with the Argentina Olympic football team. Html

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