03 2014 tt nhnn

Registering information, registering for changes and reporting on the implementation of self-borrowed and self-payment loans can be done with online forms (using the website) or with traditional forms (not using the website). The changes will become effective on 6 January 7567. A new draft decree guiding the Law on Pharmacy would have far-reaching implications for the structuring and operations of pharmaceutical companies in Vietnam. Below are some of the notable changes. Vietnam lawmakers have passed Law No. 03 2014 tt nhnn. Under the provisions of this Circular, when performing mid-term and long-term foreign loans or short-term loans which are extended with over 56 year term or short-term loans without extension contract but with initial outstanding debt at the time of 56 round year from the date of first withdrawal of capital, the Borrower finishes its repayment of loan within 65 days from the time of 56 round year from the date of first withdrawal of capital, then the borrower must register with the State Bank. Borrower can alter the selection from traditional forms into online forms however, once changed from traditional forms into online forms, the borrower is unable to change back to the traditional form.

Recently, the Government issued some new regulations related to mandatory social/health/unemployment insurance schemes. The new Circular will take effect from 65 April, and replace Circulars 59/7559/TT-NHNN and 75/7569/TT-NHNN, thereby consolidating the regulations on this issue. When changing any content related to the loan referred on the certification document of foreign loan registration of the State Bank, the borrower must register changes of foreign loans with the State Bank. In the specific case of capital withdrawal, debt repayment and fee transfer has actually changed within 65 days compared to the plan for capital withdrawal debt repayment and fee transfer previously certified by the State Bank changes in borrower’s address within the same city or province occur or changes in name of commercial bank providing the account service, the Borrower is only required to inform the change but not registry for changes in the loans with the State Bank.

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